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Re: discus growout in planted tank

on 27/2/01 9:12 AM, Lazarus Miskowski at lazmiskowski at yahoo_com wrote:

> Added 15 cardina japonica (amano shrimp) which
> I gained in a trade.  These shrimp cleared out a
> rather large infestation in 1.5 weeks.  I was very
> impressed.

You mentioned this is a Discus tank - what temperature is it at? I would
have thought that the Amano shrimp would have succumbed to the high
temperature in your tank. I thought about getting some for my planted Discus
tank but the stories recently on this list about temperature sensitivity put
me off. My tank is at 30C (86F).

To answer your question, my Discus are fine in my plant tank. The plants are
growing well. I have a little green hair algae but it's not in plague
proportions. I use yeast CO2 and have about 2watts/gall of fluoro lighting.
I grow wisteria, ambulia, cryptocoryne petchii, cabomba, E.tenellus, E.
schlueteri, E. "Ozelot", Sagittaria subulata, Hygrophila Angustifolia,
Riccia and others successfully at this temperature. Many of these are
fast-growing plants that act as a big nutrient sink (along with the bleedin
duckweed). I suggest you read Tom Barr's detailed posts over the last week
or so about combating algae, they were excellent.


Rob Keniger

big bang solutions

<mailto:rob at bigbang_net.au>