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Iron Test Kits

I cannot resist chipping in on the Iron Test Kit thread.

Firstly as the founder of Red Sea ( no longer in the company, but still with
a substantial shareholding), I developed the Iron Test Kit. 

For plant enthusiasts it is completely worthless. It and virtually all the
other Hobby kits ( as opposed to Hach & LaMotte kits) measure either TOTAL
iron ( Fe2 + Fe3) or Ferric Iron (Fe3). None of them measure Ferrous iron (

All plants whether terrestial or aquatic can ONLY utilize Ferrous iron, they
cannot assimilate Ferric. Thus using a test kit no matter whether it
develops slowly or quickly that does not measure Ferrous iron, will only
cause the Hobbyist to be misled.

When I began our Aquarium Landscapes division now about 2.5 years ago, I
needed to grow the plants accurate measurement of Ferrous iron, which is the
second most utilized element after Potassium.

As there was no kit available from the Hobby suppliers, and the Hach &
LaMotte kits are somewhat expensive, we developed our own Ferrous ONLY test
, which we now sell and details etc, can be seen on our web pages.

Shawn Prescott .

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