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Re: Iron Test Kits

> I bought the Red Sea "Plant-care" kit for Fe and CO2 and wish I would have
>  read the archives first: What a piece of Junk. No reading on CO2, and no
>  reading on Fe (and I know I have a lot of both Fe and CO2).

I agree that the Plant Care CO2 test kit is worthless.  The Red Sea Fe kit 
DOES work, but certainly not in the 10 minutes they recommend.  It takes an 
hour or two, or even overnight, for the color to develop.  If you give it 
time, it is a very accurate kit.  Most of the other iron test kits have the 
same problem.  None of them are very fast.  The Seachem iron test kit is my 
favorite, and the Sera is a close second.  The Hagen kit is quite adequate.  
However, all of these kits (except the Sera) are VERY slow to develop their 
full color, needing at least 45 minutes to 1 hour to develop full color.  Be 
patient and try the Red Sea kit you have again, only give the reaction plenty 
of time (hours) or overnight to fully develop.  However, when the kit is used 
up, I would purchase the Seachem iron test kit.