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Re: Iron Test Kits

Shawn Prescott wrote;
"It and virtually all the other Hobby kits ( as opposed to Hach &
LaMotte kits) measure either TOTAL iron ( Fe2 + Fe3) or Ferric Iron
(Fe3). None of them measure Ferrous iron (Fe2)."

"As there was no kit available from the Hobby suppliers, and the Hach &
LaMotte kits are somewhat expensive, we developed our own Ferrous ONLY
test , which we now sell and details etc, can be seen on our web pages."

I just want to make sure I am reading the above correctly.  The Hach,
LaMotte, and Aquarium Landscapes iron tests are the ones that measure
Ferrous iron and are thus relevant to planted tanks?

And if Shawn is still reading I have a question about the Potassium test
kit from AL.  It comes with two referance sample vials that are 1ppm and
2ppm.  Since I have been dosing with Potassium Nitrate my K levels are
well above 1 or 2 ppm.  Is there a meaningful way to determine K in my
sample?  Maybe someone can help me out here, but if K levels are say
what? 10 - 50ppm?  higher?  Then it seems that trying to reduce my
sample by diluting would be marginally accurate.  Probably doesn't
matter, but as a beginner I was hoping the test kit would help me to get
a grasp on this nutrient.  As it stands right now I will only test for K
when I am not adding so much KNO3.

Jay Reeves