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Re: Kitty Litter / Osmocote

I set up my first planted tank ever, just about a year ago,  using a
layer of laterite with Hartz Ph5 on top then covered in sandblasting
sand.  I have nothing but success and healthy plants. The worst
problem I have had is a bit of brush algae and learning how to dial in
my CO2.

Just goes to show you how different everyones experiences can be in
spite of the same methodologies.

Good Luck,

Keith and Lisa                          o
Natural products for the life of your pet.


>This is a good recipe for disaster. I set up a KL/osmocote & sand
>Green water ensued. I cleaned up the tank, dumped it, and got rid of
>visible pearls of osmocote, kept the KL and put more sand on top. I
have the
>.tank packed
>with plants (1 betta in there, doesn't have room to swim) and I still
>green water. My advice is, don't do it.