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Re: Miller's FFF Musings...true motives

When Miller started to post his anti-FFF diatribe I couldn't at first
figure out what his angle was.  At first, I like everyone else was willing
to take his words as he presented himself at face value.

That was till he made that cheap comment questioning my integrity because I
sell them online. Then I remembered the very 1st first APD conversation a
year ago directed at me that really annoyed me.  Roger S. Miller accused
me, a lowly driftwood seller with a day job of causing the hobby great HARM:

Wed, 1 Mar 2000 Roger S. Miller:

"Online commercial interests don't
promote the hobby; they only serve the needs of people who already have an
interest in the hobby.  To the extent that online commerce of any size
competes with the LFS the online retailers do the hobby great harm."

It was part of an ongoing debate back them surrounding some of us posters
and our signatures directed to our sites.  Some people objected to this.
Though the argument in now settled by the Powers that be, Roger S. Miller
was one of the objectors; he saw us online sellers as harmful for no other
reason than because we sell.  He and the rest of them sought to and failed
to prevent us from posting our sigs.

Now that I know EXACTLY where he's coming from, its clear why his so called
FFF experiment is so short on rigor, specifics, details or cautious
qualifications.  Yet, he seems to vehemently defend it unquestionably.  His
goal is to over emphasize the fishes' negatives, downplay its overwhelming
positives in a cheesy indirect attempt to impugn my integrity...just
because I'm an online seller.

He hopes lure others in to provide him the "evidence" in the form of
comment that his dream experiment cannot.  I have strong doubts now, that
this so-called "test" of his was ever conducted.

I'm not against having an agenda as long as you don't hide it.  Above all,
tell the whole truth.  Your personal gripe w/ me has no business
masquerading as a FFF "expose'".  Its hidden agendas that do the hobby harm.

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