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Re: Kitty Litter / Osmocote

This is a good recipe for disaster. I set up a KL/osmocote & sand substrate.
Green water ensued. I cleaned up the tank, dumped it, and got rid of the
visible pearls of osmocote, kept the KL and put more sand on top. I have the
tank packed
with plants (1 betta in there, doesn't have room to swim) and I still grow
green water. My advice is, don't do it.

> Am  considering a trial tank with WalMart Kitty Litter seeded with
> as first layer, Flourite as middle layer , then sealed with gravel (and
> coarse sand) .
> 1. Any recommendations as to the amount of Osmocote to use in the KL layer
> (Per unit surface area)?
> 2. Comments re the adviseability   of this whole approach?
> Thanks,
> Norb Spitzer
> Carlsbad, CA