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RE: White Scum Around co2 Hose

> Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:38:03 -0800 (PST)
> From: Cavan <millsman7 at yahoo_com>
> Subject: White Scum Around co2 Hose
> Has anyone else seen a slimy whitish scum around where
> your co2 line goes into your tank?  Also in and around
> the reactor or bubble chopping filter.  I'm pretty
> sure it's harmless.  Just wondering.
> Cavan


Not sure what the reaction is, but I've had it on some CO2 tubes for years.
No problems that I can attribute to it at all in that time.  If it is easy
for you to get at the tube and replace it, go ahead.  If not leave it.  I
saw more of this when running Yeast CO2 than with Cylinder CO2.  I believe
moisture has something to do with the reaction.

Mark P.