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C02 Test Kits


I'm fairly new to C02, (hey I'm a poet and didn't know 
it, made a rhyme in no time)  and am having a terrible 
time finding a C02 test kit.  None of the stores in town 
seem to carry them, and these are well stocked stores!  
I'm even having trouble finding them on the web.  Any 

BTW, I've been running the coke bottle yeast contraption 
for a couple of weeks now in a 30 gal tank and came up 
with what seems to be a great diffuser.  I simply took a 
plastic peanut butter jar, (if you're wondering, the 
plants seem to like chunky style Skippy brand) turned it 
upside down, and rubber banded it to the siphon of my 
filter to keep it from floating away.  It sits in the 
back corner of the tank and as the jar fills with C02 
and begins to rise, the tank lid keeps it from 
overturning.  The current near the siphon keeps fresh 
water flowing past the jar.  I must say I was dubious at 
first of this system, but with out changing anything 
else I've got new growth from plants I thought were long 
gone!  The next step will be lighting as I'm still using 
the stock 20W flourescent the hood came with.  

I did notice a pretty good drop in pH, though, down to 
the lower 6's.  I know from this list most of you are 
leery of adding chemicals to adjust pH.  Would you just 
suggest performing partial water changes with neutral 
water? KH and GH are generally in the 3-6 range.