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Re: C02 Test Kits

>I'm fairly new to C02, (hey I'm a poet and didn't know
>it, made a rhyme in no time)  and am having a terrible
>time finding a C02 test kit.  None of the stores in town
>seem to carry them, and these are well stocked stores!
>I'm even having trouble finding them on the web.  Any

Lamotte makes such a kit. I don't have catalog handy so I can't give you a 
part number, but I know that Pet Warehouse (http://www.petwhse.com) carries it.

>else I've got new growth from plants I thought were long
>gone!  The next step will be lighting as I'm still using
>the stock 20W flourescent the hood came with.

You'll probably want to swap out the light for something more suitable (I'm 
assuming with a 20w lamp you have at least about a 29g tank) pretty soon. 
Great CO2 + great nutrients + great gravel bed + insufficient light still = 
problems. Plants are perfectionists ;-)

>I did notice a pretty good drop in pH, though, down to
>the lower 6's.  I know from this list most of you are
>leery of adding chemicals to adjust pH.  Would you just
>suggest performing partial water changes with neutral
>water? KH and GH are generally in the 3-6 range.

Read George's archived post over on the krib at 
http://www.thekrib.com/Plants/CO2/co2-booth-faq.html It covers this is some