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Re: Shwimps and temps

>> Yes. You are quite right.  Its my observation also, that high temps are
>> lethal to Caridina japonica.  This fact, in addition to their sensitivity
> What do you consider high?  I have 4 of them in my 29g, and they've been in
> there for more than a year, with the temp right at 80 degrees.
> --
> Chuck Gadd

Ahhh, me too, and even higher(84 for a few month of summer). I got lots more
than 4. Maybe 120+. They do like high DO levels and current in a tank. I
think most folks that feel this way are likely not moving enough surface or
have enough even flow to their tanks. It not a sin to have some surface
turnover. Yea, you'll lose a *small* amount of CO2 but so what. As long as
it's not the rapids of the Colorado river and slight ripple won't hunt
nothing and will help the shrimps/fish. Folks being anal about losing CO2
have gone to far so as to endanger their fish and shrimps in their quest not
to lose CO2 it seems to me. Good current has always helped and were an
integral part of the nicest tanks I've seen or had. George Booth has
commented on this not long ago.
But high temps do mean less O2, but you don't have to blame it all on temp.
There's other things like current that need to be taken into account. If you
have a wet/dry I doubt you will ever have a problem keeping shrimps at any
reasonable temp.
I will say Amano's theory about having lots of them does in fact work well
as he says. They get a high rating on my scale as well. I'm sure that they
were cheap in Japan were Amano is from but over here the price should come
down in the coming months/years. Quantity buys will lower the price for
almost any retailer so if you get 100 to 50 at a time they should be cheap.

Tom Barr