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Re: Shipping Plants

Shippers are FAR from infallible, and horror stories abound.  Here's mine:  I 
had a package shipped to me several months ago via Airborne.  16 days later 
it arrived via UPS, with an Airborne label on the package, a preprinted U.S. 
postage stamp on the box, and no UPS tracking label!  The UPS delivery guy 
had no idea how it got into their system, and the shipper could not explain 
the postage printed label, which did not come from their machine.  UPS says 
was not being tracked, and he says UPS delivered it to me as a courtesy.  I 
called Airborne and asked them to track the package, and they said they had 
no idea where the package was.  I told them it had arrived via a big brown 
UPS truck.  They could not explain how it shifted enroute from Airborne to 
UPS, could not explain how the U.S. postage label got on the box, nor could 
they explain how it fell out of their "tracking system."  I'm just glad it 
wasn't my Insulin or something that I really needed!

> An interesting sidenote is that around Christmas time priority mail packages
>  were being scanned in at various points. It was kind of like UPS tracking.
>  My packages were all sent into Phila., where they were boarded on plane. 
>  my packages showed arrival at Phila. According to the guy at the local post
>  office this info should not have showed up since at some point earlier, UPS
>  sued the post office, claiming they were not charging enough for detailed
>  tracking info (???) such as that which they (UPS) provide.