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Re:Ailing black mollies not responding to body fungus treatment?

>For about a month or so, I have been battling a case of body fungus on my
>girlfriend's (next week to be my wife! :) prized black mollies.  I have been
>using Marycyn 2 to treat it, but each time, it comes back.  The first time I
>treated it, it went away 2 days into the suggested 5 day treatment, but I
>dosed them the full 5 days anyway.  In about 10 days, it came back.  I
>separated them from the tank (a 25 gallon Eclipse) and placed them in a 5
>gallon tank with an air stone and a small filter, and dosed them separately
>for another 5 days.  It went away again, but returned.  I recently separated
>them, and double-dosed them for 5 days, and I just put them into the tank,
>and the fungus is still going strong.  No change at all.  This is rather
>distressing, and I think the fungus is now immune to the treatment.  Anyone
>have an alternate treatment plan that doesn't use the same active
>ingredients as Marycyn?  My girlfriend will not be pleased if her mollies

having recurring fungus is a sign of something wrong with your water . . . 
is your tank planted? it'd be easier to stabilise your water conditions if 
you hae plants . . . also take note that mollies are regarded as brackish 
water fish by some . . . and salt could improve their condition . . . i 
have had great success in treating fungus with phenoxethol, commercially 
obtained as interpet no.8, antifungus and finrot . . . MELAFIX *cough 
cough* might help too *cough cough* . . .