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Ailing black mollies not responding to body fungus treatment?

Hello, all.

For about a month or so, I have been battling a case of body fungus on my
girlfriend's (next week to be my wife! :) prized black mollies.  I have been
using Marycyn 2 to treat it, but each time, it comes back.  The first time I
treated it, it went away 2 days into the suggested 5 day treatment, but I
dosed them the full 5 days anyway.  In about 10 days, it came back.  I
separated them from the tank (a 25 gallon Eclipse) and placed them in a 5
gallon tank with an air stone and a small filter, and dosed them separately
for another 5 days.  It went away again, but returned.  I recently separated
them, and double-dosed them for 5 days, and I just put them into the tank,
and the fungus is still going strong.  No change at all.  This is rather
distressing, and I think the fungus is now immune to the treatment.  Anyone
have an alternate treatment plan that doesn't use the same active
ingredients as Marycyn?  My girlfriend will not be pleased if her mollies