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Re: ICH cure for planted tank

>So, I have read of the following "cures":
>Malachite green, Aquarisol, Clout, Salt/Heat, other meds.
>Is there a consensus on a cure that can be administered in situ, with out
>killing my plants and curing the fish?  Note that I have clout in my
>medicine cabinet as a strong cure for a bad outbreak, but I doubt I would
>use it in this case.

when i had ich in my 30g planted tank, i didn't have a hospital tank either 
. . . and it wouldn't have been an option anyway, considering there were 
saes and t-barbs in there . . . what i did was to use 15 spoons (the small, 
5ml spoon) per 100l . . . this translates out to about 1tbsp per 5~6 
gallons . . . the ich never came back . . . the plants all survived without 
difficulty, and were bubbling throughout the treatment . . . they include 
crypts, eustralis stellata, java moss, rotala indica . . .

hth, DEA . . .