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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #842

I get them for about US$0.20 each. Mind you they are
native beasties here. There are other, possibly more
desireable, shrimp than Amano's Yamato Numa Ebi as we
know them here. The Rock Shrimp are better, they get
to be larger but, their claws are adapted to picking
detrious from the water column or sifting it from
around rocks. They also clean algae without doing any
major damage to plants. I think the advantage here is
that their claws are small and weak and have a fine
mesh of hairs that acts like a net or a whisk broom as
the situation demands.

>Whoah!  You're getting ripped off big time.  That's
>about double what I paid for mine.  I've even seen
>them for as little as 1.29

Edward Venn
Tokyo Japan

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