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ICH cure for planted tank

Hello everyone,

Went through the archives and concluded nothing about an appropriate cure
for ich while maintaining a planted tank.

First, let me say that I cannot move the fish to a hospital tank, as I do
not have one.

Second, I am a little leery of increasing the temperature into the high 80's
or low 90's for an extended period of time, as I am not sure my plants would
survive it (chain sword, rotala macrandra, rotala indica, elodea, crypt
wendtii, glossistigma).

I am not sure why my fish have stressed out:  doing regular water changes
(30-40%/week), pH seems right (if a little high), other parameters are OK,
but they definitely have a case of ich (just starting).  I have cardinals
(15), oto's (6), Siamese algae eaters (3), a German blue ram, and a small

So, I have read of the following "cures":

Malachite green, Aquarisol, Clout, Salt/Heat, other meds.

Is there a consensus on a cure that can be administered in situ, with out
killing my plants and curing the fish?  Note that I have clout in my
medicine cabinet as a strong cure for a bad outbreak, but I doubt I would
use it in this case.

Anyone use Aquarisol with the plants above,  Another medicine that does not
require you turn out the lights during treatment?


John - in Tracy, CA.