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RE: Red/Orange BBA?

> Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 02:22:32 -0500
> From: "William Gould" <Ocelaris at cox_rr.com>
> Subject: Red/Orange BBA?
> Has anyone seen BBA turn red/orange? I have seen it do that 
> in my tank with
> strong doses of Hydrogen Peroxide. So after waging the battle of algae
> against BBA, and recently Hair algae, I saw some of the BBA 
> turn slightly
> reddish. Wouldn't this be a sign that I was moving in the 
> right direction?
> Best, Bill


I normally see the BGA turn from dark green or black to a very pale green or
even yellow as it is dying off.  It might be the same sort of thing for BBA.
Give it a week, and you'll be able to see if a dent is being created.

Mark P.