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Re: Flourish Iron and white precipitate

on 1/17/01 2:21 AM, Greg Morin at greg at seachem_com wrote:

> This is iron carbonate. Are you sure your KH is only 2? Maybe try
> another kit? The reason I ask is that we have only ever seen this
> when the KH was rather high (like up around 12). Or maybe your iron
> level is already quite high? Do you know what it is? Or, it could
> also possible be iron phosphate if your phosphate levels are
> unusually high. Do you know what your phosphate levels are?

Thanks for the info. I have only tried to measure the KH with the one kit
but according to the local water board the water here is very soft (which
seems to be the case - we get virtually no "scale" build up in kettles etc
here). I would be surprised if the KH is up around 12.

I have been using the Dupla Fe test kit to measure iron levels and the
results always come out very low or 0 except directly after I add the
Flourish Iron when it can measure up to 0.5mg/L which drops off very quickly
(within 2-3 hours it's back to 0).

It's possible that the phosphate levels are high I guess - I haven't tested
them - looks like another trip to the LFS.

> In the end it isn't "bad" but you aren't getting the full benefit of
> the iron availability to the stems and leaves... the roots will get
> it, eventually.

Hmmm, not exactly the desired result :-(

I'll let you know how I go.


Rob Keniger

big bang solutions

<mailto:rob at bigbang_net.au>