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Re: Flourish Iron and white precipitate

>My tap water has a KH of 2 according to the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test
>kit and my pH is around 6.6. I have been adding Seachem Flourish weekly and
>adding Flourish Iron daily. The iron levels seem OK according to the Dupla
>Fe test kit.
>I just got a new bottle of Flourish Iron (with the "new" packaging label)
>and it appears to be slightly different to the older type. The liquid is a
>bit paler in color than the old stuff I used but the characteristic smell is
>the same.

This is newly batched material... it darkens with age (this is normal 
and does not impact the product usefulness).

>What is happening now though is when I add the Flourish Iron to the tank it
>starts to turn "milky" in the water after a couple of seconds as if it is
>precipitating somehow or reacting with something in the water. This never
>used to happen.
>Does anyone have any ideas what this cloudiness could be? Is it bad?

This is iron carbonate. Are you sure your KH is only 2? Maybe try 
another kit? The reason I ask is that we have only ever seen this 
when the KH was rather high (like up around 12). Or maybe your iron 
level is already quite high? Do you know what it is? Or, it could 
also possible be iron phosphate if your phosphate levels are 
unusually high. Do you know what your phosphate levels are?

In the end it isn't "bad" but you aren't getting the full benefit of 
the iron availability to the stems and leaves... the roots will get 
it, eventually.

-Greg Morin

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