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Algae ID

Hi y'all, a longtime lurker here...

I wonder if anyone can help me identify some strange algaes I have been
getting in my tanks. The first one is a very dark greenish bluish black,
tufty, with tufts about 1cm long, growing on the glass, on the edges of
plant leaves and especially around the outlet of the filter, in fact,
anywhere there is movement of water in the tank. My SAE doesn't like it.
It's growing in my 15g tank, with 3W/gal of Grolux tubes and two small
internal power filters. Water parameters, no idea (can't even afford test
kits) but the fish are radiantly healthy and the Kribs have just raised a
brood of fry. Temp. 77 deg F. 
It's pretty tough stuff to remove. Is it (aargh) black brush algae?

The second type is growing mainly in a bigger (25g), better-filtered(big
trickle and sump system) and lighted (3w/gal, mixture of Grolux, Arcadia
Marine White and Hagen Sun-Glo) tank, and looks exactly like human hair
except it's bright green. It grows to about 6" long, orginating froma small
~1mm dia, circular, tough holdfast on the glass,leaf or whatever (grows
everywhere.) Rosy Barbs like to eat it. 

The third type is dark green, furry (~1mm strands) and closely covers rocks,
terracotta pots and older plant leaves in the 15g. SAEs like to eat it. I
think maybe its close-cropped appearance has something to do with this fact.

Except for the first type these algaes are not a major problem, in fat the
third type is kinda nice and disguises crummy rocks quite well. If anyone
can give me advice on eradicating the first type I'd be very much obliged.

Yours with thanks in advance,
Matt Jasper.

PS does anyone on the list know much about the Hyphobressocon(sp?) genus?
I've just been sold two fish as Bleeding Heart tetras, but they're patently
not. Email me offlist if you think you could tell me what they are.