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Re: Blue geen algae.

I was watching this thred with interest as my 45-gallon had a couple sizeable 
colonies of the stuff on a piece of driftwood.  Then miraculously, I was 
feeding the fish yesterday afternoon and noticed that the whole thing had 
completely disappeared in a matter of less than ten hours.  I still have a 
little bit on a couple floating plants I am going to throw away, and a little 
on the inside of my filter tubes.  I have no idea why it disappeared.  This 
is the second tank I have had with a large infestation, and the second time 
it has vanished on its own.  I didn't even do a water change in the last two 
weeks.  Maybe in some tanks it is a natural part of the breaking-in period, 
like the white scummy stuff that sometimes appears on the surface, then after 
a while just goes away.

Bob Dixon