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Re:New to the list

>>I am going to plant the following plants tomorrow: Vallisneria spiralis,
Rotala macrandra, Saururus cerneus, Cobomba caroliniana, Hydrocotyle
leucocephala, Cryptocoryne willissi, Cryptocoryne petchii, Aponogeton
ulvaceus, Echinodorus cordififolius 'mini' Echinodorus amazonicus,
Echinorodus schlueteri, Myrophyllum elatinoids, Micranthenum, Echinodorus
Ocelot, Echinodorus tenellus, Vallisneria tortifolia, and Vallisneria

You have many large plants listed, but with a 125 gallon tank, that can
work! Within a year all of the Echinodorus species, (except the tenellus)
could reach over 20" tall with 20 to 30 leaves, and a pretty large girth. I
am curious what your aquascaping plan is for this tank. I presume you are
using the tenellus for the foreground, are you planning the same for the

The Myrophyllum and the Cabomba are the fastest growing plants on your list
and the most light hungry. I wouldnt shade them under larger plants. Be
aware that Cabomba doesnt grow as well under higher temps. Hydrocotyle is
fairly light hungry as well, and how quickly it starts growing will depend
on if your plants were grown emmersed or submersed.

I have found the most Swords and Cryps, and even Vals, need a longer period
of time to acclamate to a new tank before they start growing, 30 to 60 days,
than other plants. During this time if you do not have that many fast
growing plants, algae can bloom. This is even more likely during the break
in period of a new tank.  You can make this more minimal by adding more
nutrients to your substrate. The laterite and Flourite will mostly supply
Fe, but you can fortify that with additional minerals and NPK,
nitrgen-phosphrus-potassium, and lay off adding anything to the water for a
while...at least that has worked for me.

Robert Paul H
RK Aquaria Plant Forum moderator
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