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New to the list

Just joined the list and don't want to lurk so let me introduce myself.  I
am Gerry Beathard.  I have been keeping aquariums for about 20 years.  They
have all been reef or cichlid tanks.  I am setting up my first plant tank.
I would like to tell you about my experiences with it and possibly get some
assistance down the road.

The tank is a 125g.  I am using two Oceanic Power Compact fixtures.  The
filtration system is a Tunze Comline Filter 9 with a Osmoregulator 3150.
Beside the filter I have a Bio - Hydroreaktor 3179 with Granovit media.  The
Comline filter also has the CO2 Controller Set 7074 installed.   I am using
2 Ebo-Jager 150W heaters.  I have not used the two light kits that came with
the system.  I am considering placing Tritons in them or not using them at

The substrate is about three inches deep.  I mixed Fluorite and Laterite for
the first inch.  The top two inches are blasting sand.  On top of the sand
sits a beautiful piece of driftwood I ordered from
http://www.aquariumdriftwood.com.  (IMHO one of the best mail order
businesses out there).

I am going to plant the following plants tomorrow: Vallisneria spiralis,
Rotala macrandra, Saururus cerneus, Cobomba caroliniana, Hydrocotyle
leucocephala, Cryptocoryne willissi, Cryptocoryne petchii, Aponogeton
ulvaceus, Echinodorus cordififolius 'mini' Echinodorus amazonicus,
Echinorodus schlueteri, Myrophyllum elatinoids, Micranthenum, Echinodorus
Ocelot, Echinodorus tenellus, Vallisneria tortifolia, and Vallisneria

The fish will be Congo Tetras, Rainbows and Cardinal Tetras.  Oto and corys
will also be in the tank.  All of the fish will of course come much later.

Any ideas on my plans?  Am I heading in the right direction?

Gerry Beathard
Austin, TX