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Re: Boron in PMDD

    Jamie wrote:

>I added it for completeness. Our tap water contains trace amounts 
>to start with and I added enough to my PMDD to get 0.05ppm for 
>every 0.1ppm Fe. My plants must not use a lot, because it 
>accumulates to ~0.5ppm. I never see it get much higher. Now the 
>stickler: I test my water at work on an ICP spectrometer, 28 metals 
>at the time. It sure does take the guess work out of water changes. 
>Plus I get NO2, NO3, PO4, SO4, NH3, Cl and CO2 at work. Once 
>a week gives me a gracious piece-of-mind.

    Thanks Jamie.

    It's wonderful that you are making such full use of that opportunity.  
That sure would give gracious piece of mind!  The spectrometer sounds like it 
could be a powerful tool for diagnosing less common deficiency/toxicity 

    Best Regards,

    Zach K