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Re: Boron in PMDD

Zach wrote:
>     For some time I've had what may be Boron defic. since calcium doesn't 
> seem to help it.  I use reconstituted ro water, but don't add B to it.  I 
> have tried dosing a boric acid solution ( using boric acid powder from drug 
> store- concentration not listed) without results.  I've been conservative 
> with the dosing because of the unknown concentration in the powder, and I 
> know above a certain level B is toxic- (esp. to plants).  I'm waiting for 
> info from manufacturer.
>     I'm wondering, did you successfully correct defic. symptoms with your 
> dosing, or do you just add it for completeness?, and which test kit are you 
> using to monitor it?

I added it for completeness. Our tap water contains trace amounts 
to start with and I added enough to my PMDD to get 0.05ppm for 
every 0.1ppm Fe. My plants must not use a lot, because it 
accumulates to ~0.5ppm. I never see it get much higher. Now the 
stickler: I test my water at work on an ICP spectrometer, 28 metals 
at the time. It sure does take the guess work out of water changes. 
Plus I get NO2, NO3, PO4, SO4, NH3, Cl and CO2 at work. Once 
a week gives me a gracious piece-of-mind. Sorry I couldn't help 
Jamie    <"\\\><
Greenwood, SC