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White Cloud Minnows school

>I've seen the white clouds and to me they're very boring and dull in color 

In a LFS, yes.  They tend to look very bleak - if not plain bleached.

However, owning a school of them, I can tell you that they get pretty 
colored when acclimatized under good conditions in a tank.  They are a nice 
"rainbow trout" brown/tan, their body length white strip very vibrant, and 
their fins have a bright tomato red area on transparent fins with a bright 
white spot on one of them.  Males colors are even more saturated.  A 
passerby can see my 25 gal tank from the street, and can easily see the 
school of shiny minnows brightly schooling around (that's about 40 feet away 
from the tank).

In a tank with a natural color scheme of earth colors, granite rock and 
natural green, they blend in better than "neon colored" neons.  And they are 
very forgiving to environmental "mistakes".


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