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Re: Ich!! Help!!

>In a message dated 10/20/00 2:01:36 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
>Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:
>Ich is not a moving creature nor is it rotten fins.  It is small white spots 
>all over the fishes' bodies.  The rotten fins are probably a fungus, unless 
>you have a Chinese Algae Eater over 4 cm in length.  They will eat the tails 
>off other fish at night.  The yellow puffer would do the same thing, and
is a 
>brackish-water fish, nit really suitable for most community planted tanks.

It should be fungus as you've described. I did not see a white-spot at all
at my fishes' fins, they're rotten. If it's a fungus, then how should I
fight with it? I talked to my LFS shopkeeper today and he suggested that
this is kind of "new-fish syndrome". The fish is weak after having been
transfered for a long journey, especially my cardinal tetras which come all
the way from Venezuala. Is it true that this species is not widely bred
yet? He told me that all the cardinal tetras in Asia are all from the wild
and then being exported to Asia, including Thailand! He also says Cardinal
Tetras are so cheap in Venezuala, they're loads of them in the wild and
they're sold for only one dollar for a bowl fulll of fish!

He suggested me to put some medicine but I don't know what it's called in
English. It's yellow dust and make the water very yellow. Would it harm the
plants in my tank? Also, would salt suit this cure?
Thank you!

Arthit Prasartkul
38/4 Sukhumvit 15
Bangkok 10110