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Re:How much space do you need?

You wrote:

>How about making a mockup, putting a six inch space below a table and 
putting the equipment below and on the table to see if the space will work? 
Then make sure you can fit your arm through. Make sure you can do it at the 
width of your stand and height of the tank too. I would practice hooking up 
a canister filter if that is what you are using since it is so much fun 
messing with them in enclosed places.

Kathy, I have not bought any of the equipment yet.  I'm building the tank stand now.  I'm sure I will buy a canister filter. Probably an Ehiem 2226.  I know I will have CO2.  But I won't finish the stand for a month or so and then I will buy the filter and everything else.  I'm just hopeful I will have enough space there and have not left anything out. I'm hoping to get suggestions from people of things I might need more space for or would 5 inches be enough.

Those of you who have canister filters, what are the average sizes of the hoses that bring water fromt the tank and return it?


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