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Re:Not Enough Algae, Otos Eating Plants..

>I would give your otos some algae wafers mixed with a tiny amount of flake 
>food, they probably are going to get hungry!  Just watch how much of the 
>wafers they eat, one has to be careful for the old overfeeding deal.



>somehow i doubt otos eat plants.  i have not observed any plant damage in my 
>55 gallon where 15 otos live.

>mashed peas are a good food for them.

>tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA


Thanks for the replies. Since the Chain-Sword is right up front in the tank
I have been watching my little buddies systematically work on the newest
tender leaves on the runners so I can testify to their villany... very
chilling :-)

Yesterday I added some new tankmates... 4 Cories who will need flake food.
I also bought some alge wafers. I had to pull out half a wafer this morning
when I did a water change so your caution about over feeding is well taken.
I am sure that the "algae free" honeymoon will not last forever especially
with fish... and feedings starting to come. So far Chuck Gadd's "plants
first" instructions for starting a tank have worked exceedingly well.
Thanks to Chuck and to all for your help.



Who is enjoying a perfect East Coast Fall day...

mourip @ erols . com