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Re: trimming/ pruning/ maintaining crypts

  I was always under the impression that crypts were low light plants. 
But both Paul and Roger have stated that they grow like weeds (my
paraphrase ;-) under what I would call high light.  I keep my crypts
under the shadows of swords, and lilies, thinking that that's the best
way to grow them.  
  I do have 80W of florescent light over my 35 gal plant tank, but I
have placed all of the crypts out of direct light.  Will they grow
faster, larger, more if I move them into direct light?
  BTW, substrate is mostly just plane gravel, but it has, up until a
few months ago, been a *fish* tank for several years.  I also added
some left over Flourish and a few Jobes Spike for Ferns.  Should be a
good rich substrate, right?

J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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