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Re:How much space do you need?

Sounds like a great stand you are making.

How about making a mockup, putting a six inch space below a table and 
putting the equipment below and on the table to see if the space will work? 
Then make sure you can fit your arm through. Make sure you can do it at the 
width of your stand and height of the tank too. I would practice hooking up 
a canister filter if that is what you are using since it is so much fun 
messing with them in enclosed places.

Didn't do this but it worked out okay with my stand. Five feet by two feet 
with two divider supports, no back and the front cutout about four feet by 
fifteen inches. Stand placed five inches away from the wall. As much fun as 
setting up a computer with the added fun of water!

Kathy who has another motivation to lose weight-fiddling under that tank 
stand easier!
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