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Re: lights

Cavan wrote:

> What could it be about the Zoomeds that benefits the
> other plants so much but hurts the stargrass?  Are
> they actually too bright?

Tom Barr wrote:

Naw, but Cathy's reply was right on.
I have played with lighting in various set ups and with many species of
plants. Lighting is generally the last place to look if you are having
problems(unless you have a single bulb on a 55 gallon tank or something
extreme). Most all color temps will grow plants well

I reply:

Why is it then that every time I see a really stunning planted tank picture
the tank is usually lit with some sort of wide spectrum lamps. I see very
knowledgable people using things like Tritons or Tritons mixed with cool
whites or P and A lamps mixed with cool whites, Chroma 50s or T8 950s and
965s or MH lamps. There must be some reason that they chose those lamps.
Some of those lamps really cost a lot of money too. I don't think I have
seen any really nice tanks that use lamps with a true triphosphor spectrum.
I would really like to continue to use 850 lamps as they cost such a small
amount of money but when I addded in some 950 lamps things really actually
improved. I suppose it could have been a coincidence but who uses true
triphosphor lamps with great success.