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Re: lights

>From: Thomas Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
>Subject: Re: lights
>> What could it be about the Zoomeds that benefits the
>> other plants so much but hurts the stargrass?  Are
>> they actually too bright?
>Neil Frank
>consistently grows super duper R. macanadra @2watts a gallon.

Tom, it is actually 1 wpg in my 70 gallon tank pictured in PAM1. However, I
keep the Rotala close to the surface which compensates to some degree. 

>He doesn't have any lighting higher than 2watts/gallon.

Actually, my 3 largest tanks have 1, 2 and 3 wpg but on the latter, 
 I only run the full bank of lights during the mid-day sun :-)

>What is left then? CO2 and nutrients.
>You might want to up your K+, NO3/NH4+, Trace elements. K+ can be added with
>K2SO4 and /or KNO3 for both K and NO3. NH4+ can be added by feeding more
>fish food etc.

It is true that high intensity light will speed up plant growth, so they
CAN run out of something. Adding extra nutrients including macronutrients N
and K can sometimes be tricky. Too much K can be a problem with low Ca and
regularly adding extra N (nitrate or ammonium)can contribute to P depletion
in the water column (P in the water is needed by weak rooted stem plants).
These inbalances can be magnified in a mixed plant community with stem
plants and heavy feeders like large sword plants. Rather than playing
chemist, I suggest more frequent water changes. Even if you depend on
fortified tap water, this will provide better long term stability.

Neil Frank,
Trying to tune into the latest APD jabbering in preparation for the
Chatanooga meeting. I am looking forward to meeting y'all. Who is coming?