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re: sinking Riccia and AGA Conference

Hi everyone,
I recently set up an Amano style tank (65 gallon) using just sinking Riccia, 
giant hairgrass, and petrified wood in the aquascape. The riccia grows very 
quickly and I thin it out regularly. I am going to the AGA Conference. Anyone 
who wants some of this email me off list and I'll bring you up some. Any 
interesting plants in trade would be appreciated, but not necessary. This 
Riccia is apparently a morph of R. fluitans with a slight negative buoyancy, 
and it requires nothing to keep it on the tank bottom. The plant can have the 
bright green color of the floating R. fluitans on one side of a stem and the 
mossier green color on the other side. The mossier color dominates, though. 

Tom Barr, I'll bring you up a heaping helping of this vile weed (hehehehehe).