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Re: AquaSoil

Art Giacosa wrote:

>Cathy, my comment was a direct quote from an ADA representative ("It is
>a baked clay").  To give you more information, it was when they were
>about the price I had assigned to the product for sale in the US.  The full
>comment was something like, "$60 for a bag?  But it is just a baked clay!
>Nobody will pay that amount of money for baked clay."  They didn't realize
>the shipping and tariffs where so high.

I too don't think Aqua Soil is just 'baked clay'. After all I must me the
Aqua Soil poster boy. $60 IS too much pay for a bag that most shops in Japan
carry for around $23. And this is for a big 9-liter bag. True, I too do not
know the all the spices and herbs in Aqua Soil, but it has worked better for
me than one true baked clay I used, Akadama. BTW, my water lilies in the
pond outside seemed to love a nice pot filled with Akadama. Got lot's of
blooms out of them.

>Again, I don't know about this.  In all my dealings with ADA, the different
>impact based on type of AquaSoil was never mentioned.  The English
>translated instructions also failed to mention this.
>But, that doesn't mean that it isn't true.

Cathy is right Art. Aqua Soil flavors are slightly different. I too thought
they were the same, but I remember seeing something about this in Do! aqua,
ADA newest publication. The English instructions fail to mention a lot about
their products.

Ryan Stover
The Japanese Aquarium Network
http://suiso.com (coming soon)