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Re: AquaSoil

Hi all:

Cathy Neal wrote:

>From my knowledge of Aqua Soil it is more than just a baked clay. Regular
>baked clay would not lower your pH to below 7 and lower your TH, so to
>compare it with Flourite would be incorrect. Flourite is more of a laterite
>(sp?), whereas Aqua Soil is much more. I am uncertain what make Aqua Soil
>buffer for years like this, but it has work in my tank for close to 2 years

I reply:

Cathy, my comment was a direct quote from an ADA representative ("It is just 
a baked clay").  To give you more information, it was when they were shocked 
about the price I had assigned to the product for sale in the US.  The full 
comment was something like, "$60 for a bag?  But it is just a baked clay!  
Nobody will pay that amount of money for baked clay."  They didn't realize 
the shipping and tariffs where so high.

In any event, you may be right.  I do not know if baked clay has the ability 
to affect pH or hardness.  However, it is certainly true that AquaSoil does 
behave as you mentioned and the ADA expressly states that it should.  Also, 
it may contain some other substances that I am not aware of.

Cathy continued:

>One side note, the 3 different flavors of Aqua Soil all buffer the water
>different. Amazonia, the dark one, lower and buffers the pH to around 6.3 
>so. The Malaya, the medium one, lowers and buffers the pH to around 6.5. 
>the Aficana lower and buffers at around 6.7.

I reply:

Again, I don't know about this.  In all my dealings with ADA, the different 
impact based on type of AquaSoil was never mentioned.  The English 
translated instructions also failed to mention this.

But, that doesn't mean that it isn't true.

Thanks and regards,

Art Giacosa
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