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Amano O2/Air Injection


    The only Amano literature I have are the three _Nature Aquarium World_ 
books, and the english versions of his Aqua Journal (I think I have all of 
them- six issues), and a beginners guide pamphlet.  In the more recent Aqua 
Journals he does indicate night aeration on all of his tanks, either through 
injecting air through a pollen diffusor, or by raising the filter output jet 
(using his own type, called a lily pipe) above the water level at night.

    I haven't come across any mention of injecting pure O2 in these 
publications, but I haven't been able to see his more recent magazines that 
replaced the journal.  Mr. Barr do you know about it from some other source, 
or could it be a misunderstanding that led to the idea that he was using it?