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More catfish questions

The first question I have is: do you know of a catfish mailing list where I
can ask catfish questions without polluting the APD with off-topic posts?
Now, on to the other questions. I have a 20 gallon long aquarium (moderately
planted, but it looks very sparse compared to aquaria by George Booth, Tom
Barr, etc.). This is the one with the 3 glass catfish and the 1 pictus
catfish. I would think that only 3 more glass catfish would not be too much,
but what is your opinion? I use the Schultz Clay Soil Conditioner (works
well, BTW, despite the fact that the lady at the LFS says it will kill your
fish because it is A BAD THING (TM)). I also have heard that some substrates
are bad for the whiskers on Corydoras catfish. Is this true of the Clay Soil
Thanks in advance,
Josh Liechty
jliechty at custom dot net