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Re: Lighting a 10 gal

>  > I was wondering, if you have enough light, does it really matter with the
>  > temp (k) of the bulb is? Can you use 3000k bulbs if there is maybe 4-5 
> watts
>  > per gal?

I'm getting some nice results using only compact flourescents (screw in 
incandescent sockets) on a 10 gallon with an old-style hood. I have 2, 15-25 
watt bulbs and a bit of daylight on the tank. I'm quite sure they are cool 
white in the ~3000K range. I've found they bring out nice pinks & reds.

The plants will grow but you'll have better growth with the higher
>  temps or a mix. I used Quartz lighting for about 5 years to see about
>  this(3050K) and had great results but I like the bluer colors for the 
>  growth. Quartz has a much nicer color than the cool whites and lower temps
yellow bulbs.   

Tom, didn't you mention you didn't get much growth out of bulbs over 6700K? 
(I think you may have been talking about pcf)? I noticed CSL has a number of 
bulbs available in the high temp range.