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Re: Amano O2/Air Injection

Zack said:

   <<< I haven't come across any mention of injecting pure O2 in these 
publications, but I haven't been able to see his more recent magazines that 
replaced the journal.  Mr. Barr do you know about it from some other source, 
or could it be a misunderstanding that led to the idea that he was using
it? >>>


Now, this sounds VERY plausable to me!  Remember the "Green Brighty"
confusion?  Somethings don't translate well from Japanese to English ...
unless the translator is VERY skilled in English, Japanese AND the subject
matter.  You whanna bet Amano really ment AIR instead of O2?   

To Tom Barr, I implore you PLEASE don't do this O2 injection thing!  In an
earlier life, I had 40 hrs of HAZMAT training;  you can't begin to
appreciate how risky O2 is!!  Just a SMALL static snap is all you will need
to get blow yourself butt-over-'ed into next week!  

Don't do it because:

1.  You grow plants JUST FINE w/o O2 injection.
2.  You/we may have (I hope) misinterpreted what Amano ment to say.
3.  Your insurance may not cover the consequences of this experiment.
4.  I'm sure you'd prefer to meet Amano one day BEFORE you meet your maker!
5.  We may lose an invaluable Aquarist.
6.  No more BarrCo2 Diffusers while you'er layed up months in a San Fran
severe burn unit! <:-(

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