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Thread Summaries


>From: "David Bundy" <bundyd at semantique_com>
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>Subject: Thread Summaries
>Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 00:35:26 +0200
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>I know I appreciate seeing summaries, whether they are assigned by the
>gods as homework, or spontaneous, like Dave Engle's on Sunday.  
>(Thanks Dave!)
>Listers here may be interested in hearing about a tradition at "Linguist
>a list for professional linguists that I happen to subscribe to.  On that
list, it
>is customary for anyone who puts a question to the entire list to post a 
>summary of the on-list and off-list responses they receive.  Sure, writing 
>summaries is hard work and takes time, but it's also a good way to say 'thank
>you' for all the expert advice that's being offered for free.
>Just as long as nobody asks me to write a summary for *my* questions!  ;-)
>David (B.)

My comment:  I'd loove to see a summary of the recent CO2 thread.  *lol*