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Re: Thread Summaries

 Charley Bay <Charleyb at Cytomation_com> sez:
> I propose that our ListMom identify significant threads
> (to whatever degree she deems reasonable) and select
> a "position author" to synthesize a summary statement 
> with relevant information from the thread...  [snip]
> Some threads may be contraversial.  At that point, I
> propose our ListMom model the U.S. Supreme Court, 
> and select "position authors" from each opposing side.  
> What do y'all think?

I think we don't pay Cynthia enough to ask her to take on *any*
additional work.

I also think it is best to let the threads die a natural death, then
folks can consult the archives to reach their own conclusions about
what was said.  I don't trust anyone here (including myself) to
summarize the latest debate about CO2 delivery systems, nor some of
the discussions on the merits of various substrates, filters,
lighting, water chemistry, etc. 

Best regards,
"Ooooh... They have the Internet on computers now"
--Homer Simpson