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Thread Summaries

Dear all,
    I agree that Cynthia has enough work as it is, and that we are not 
thankful enough, fot if is she that supports our group. However I do support 
the idea of expanding our group to a higher level (i.e. electing some sort of 
committee to organize things). However, I do not believe that right now we 
will be able to accomplish this, it is not the time for that. Those who have 
studied some sociology will realize that our group is nothing less than a 
baby society, and only under the best circumstances will our tribe evolve and 
grow. We share a very specific interest, and that alone cuts off 99.999% of 
the population, however to grow, we need some leaders, and Cynthia can not do 
it all, we could not thank her enough as it is. 
    I'm not sure if we all realize  what is going on... we are making a new 
society online... and we are quite primitive now :-) we shall see how we 
evolve.. It connects people who otherwise would never have the opportunity to 
converse. I will be writing a paper on the importance and societal impact of 
the Internet for a class, with this group being a major subject of 
discussion. I won't mention names, but if anyone has input, please lemme 
know, thanks. Bill

    On a plant note, I wanted to know people's opinion on how much is too 
much to cut back? I have Sunset Ludwiga that is literally outgrowing my tank. 
Anyone near NOVA/DC/MD who wants some is welcome to it, I apologize I am a 
terrible shipper...What percentage to people believe that their tank is taken 
up by plants? Mine is near 20% maybe? 30% with the ludwiga right now... 
Thanks, BIll