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Once more into the breach:

Please remember to set your email software to Plain Text when sending to
the APD.   The digest can't handle them and they bounce - to me and then
usually to my trash.  If you're sending posts to the list and you don't see
them, check your settings.

You can only post from the address from which you're subscribed and the
addresses must match exactly.   Non-subscriber posts go the way of email in

Here's a new one:   If you're going to be away from your computer and set
up an autorespond message please unsubscribe from the list and resubscribe
when you return.   Getting 10 or more autoresponder emails a day is getting
a little old and, effective immediately, I'm going to be unsubscribing
addresses from which I receive them.

When something goes wrong and you don't receive any digests, it would be
really nice if you'd just write and nicely ask if I know or can find out
what's going on.   It's really unnecessary to write demanding to know why
you've been removed from the list and further demanding an immediate
explanation for your removal.   If I toss you off the list you'll know
because I'll send you a scathing email that questions your paternity, your
parents marital status at the time of your conception and your unnatural
affinity for small woodland animals and that banishes you from the APD

APD ListMom

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