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Re: Tropica question

At 03:48 PM 9/16/00 -0400, Steve Meister asked:
>Why WON'T Tropica ship their plants to the U.S. bare root....??

I think I can answer this as well as anyone outside Tropica because I have 
thought about it a lot and talked with lots of folks about it (including my 
local USDA office and many officials in Washington).  I believe Tropica 
holds that their plants are a packaged product, including the plant itself, 
the potting, the ids, the tags, the pot itself, the catalog, the whole 
works.   To tear it apart and sell just the plant destroys a lot of the 
value they have worked so hard to provide.  And it reduces the value to the 
end user as well, so that he or she will pay less for the product.   Which 
is not what they want to have happen.  So they are continuing to work to 
try to get their plants into the US.

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