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re: Tom Barr's Article

Tom will have to confirm his kit numbers (LaMotte and Hach make several
kits for most elements). 

I have the excellent LaMotte #3110 Nitrate kit that tests 0-10 ppm
nitrate-nitrogen (0-44 ppm nitrate) and the Hach No. 1465-00 iron kit with
the color wheel that tests 0-1 ppm. I would look into the Aquarium
Landscapes Potassium kit further:  I *think* it comes with only two
references, for 1 and 2 ppm K, whereas the LaMotte #3138 Potassium kit is
about the same price but has a different setup for measuring
(approximately) the turbidity in the 0-50 ppm K (potassium doesn't form
colored salts, so this is a turbidity test). I am very pleased with our
LaMotte #7416 Kit for Phosphate in the 0-1 ppm range (note, this is not the
LaMotte 0-2 ppm phosphate kit carried by Pet Warehouse BTW). 

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