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Algae/water flow observation

Julius and everyone else:

In my ten gallon planted tank, I have a Fluval 1 submersible filter in
the back corner and I aimed the flow so it is hitting the back glass.
This area of fastest current is where all three types of green algae
(thread, hair and spot) definitely grow the fastest....so I think that
the algae can out compete plants for nutrients while things are still
trying to reach a balance and the plants getting established....does any
one agree/disagree?? I am happy to see that the algae leaves the plants
alone and mainly grows on the glass in the current. 

Sean Meister in Missoula, MT who never got free Jobe's Spikes with his
subscription to PAM and got scolded by Dave for not including my e-mail
address, ouch;-)....darn it, I could have saved $1.89;-) and a hand
slap;-)  I hope my sarcasm and joking around is detected!