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CO2 Regulation, Bombast and Shame

In a message dated 9/14/00 3:52:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<  Firtst of all I do sell Bioplast Profistar, and quite a 
 few of them. I think they work great, and I never said otherwise. Second, 
 it IS made in Germany, Bioplast is a German company. They are a small 
 company with very little commercial presence in any part of the world. They 
 are represented in the USA exclusively by Jermack and marketed to their 
 retail customers and online retailers. Third, it is a low pressure 
 regulator, as is ALL german made regulators for aquariums, and most 
 regulators made specifically for aquariums as a whole. Is this a bad thing?  

No of course not, and had you included this very useful information in such a 
clear manner earlier, I suggest a lot of the confusion  would have been 
nipped in the bud of this non technically inclined mind.  Ergo there ARE 
good, even great, CO2 injection systems out there -- low and high pressure so 
it really is not necessary to reinvent the wheel or rediscover fire, unless 
you  are a DIY aficionado.

However I do have a tendency to *cackle* a bit when sincere questions I have 
asked  are either totally ignored or dismissed casually out of hand.  I sort 
of get aggressive at  that sort of treatment. An example of a *positive post* 
I thought would benefit some new to CO2 is an example.  I posted a series of 
points on the mechanical set up of a gas injection system.  Lessons learned 
so to speak. It  was like dropping a penny into a bottomless well. Not an 
echo in return. So I was left feeling sorta foolish. And no I was not looking 
for a pat on the back, simply some feedback.

people are calling others *ASSHOLES*  on this thread. Accusations of 
deception and misrepresentation are flying back and forth.  I presume I will 
shortly see a post from you to  Bruno  suggesting he stop cackling and stop 
insulting, personal attacks.

Call me sensitive -- but thank you for taking the time to respond