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Re: CO2 Regulation, Bombast and Shame

On Thu, 14 Sep 2000 10:32:49 EDT  FocaIPoint at aol_com (David) wrote:

>No of course not, and had you included this very useful information in such a 
>clear manner earlier,

This comment was to Robert from Aquabotanic regarding the Bioplast Profistar.
David, if you took some time to learn how to post a follow up I think *THAT*
would lead to a lot less confusion.  If you're going to quote, credit the
material you are pasting.  I can apply the same comment to you and it goes
something along the lines of what I did mention previously.  Lack of content.

>low and high pressure so it really is not necessary to reinvent the wheel
>or rediscover fire, unless you  are a DIY aficionado.

Who's being sophomoric now?  Maybe even infantile, because your comments are
geared to be negative and insulting.  If you do not wish to "re-invent" may I
suggest you pass your days driving around on stone-cut wheels or logs and living
by a campfire.  The point is, life and technology are in large part based on
re-invention or improvement and refinement of basic technologies and concepts.

Damn Compact discs...  Should have made a portable player for LPs.  Why bother
with Digital PCS when first-generation cellular worked so well?  And the phones
were so easy to hold on to...  Wait, why wireless in the first place?

>However I do have a tendency to *cackle* a bit

Let's keep this straight then.  You admit to cackling, don't accuse me of it
because I assure you I do no such thing.

>An example of a *positive post* I thought would benefit some new to
>CO2 is an example.  I posted a series of points on the mechanical set up
>of a gas injection system.

Sorry I missed it.  Direct me to it and I'll take a look.  Again, just provide
the digest number.  Or email it to me if you have a copy.  I keep everything I
write in email and news.  I don't mind not getting pats for messages either.  If
I were to get one or two emails for everything I wrote I'd be flooded in no
time.  As long as I have a "sense" that someone came away with some
understanding or help from what I wrote - if they follow up in public or in
email to let me know, all the better and it's appreciated.  This is the main
reason I don't mind my material being archived by sites like Deja.com.

>people are calling others *ASSHOLES*  on this thread.

I didn't use the asterisks.  If you disagree with my evaluation of Neil's
actions and comments I cannot do anything about that.  I haven't been repeating
it, but it is still my opinion that it was the way he was acting.  If you can
control your temper by cackling, congratulations.  I made that one off the cuff
comment, but made sure to soak the rest of the posts heavily in content.  I did
notice that Neil's last message finally includes the commentary and content he
should have provided long ago.  It definitely gives something to follow up to
without having any personal evaluations (I can honestly not say that about any
of his other posts).

>I presume I will shortly see a post from you to  Bruno  suggesting he stop
>cackling and stop insulting, personal attacks.

The problem with the whole "great debate" is that people are "presuming" too
much.  Damn, click on a few links and READ some facts.  If you are a happy
camper with your CO2 system, that's GREAT.  You won't hear any bad-mouthing from
me regarding any of the systems that have been discussed here.  If you do want
to find me guilty of something, it should be personal defence and defence of
others that were being unjustly commented on.

>Call me sensitive 

You're being a (selective) nit picker, not sensitive.  I see you didn't have a
problem with Robert's long paragraph structure.  In relation to your other post,
it is important to provide quoted streams to make sure anyone reading knows
what's being discussed.  Messages in the digest are not threaded and this is the
only way to maintain the integrity of a followup.  It's also a nice idea to keep
the subjects appropriately titled - it makes it far easier to find displaced
threads both via email as well as the HTML-based archives.

Lastly, if after all this, you still have a problem with what I write, the way I
write, or ME...  Then feel free to skip over any of my posts.  They will all
contain my ID, so it's not too hard.  I don't believe this is the correct place
to be debating about people and their style.  I'd much prefer keeping things
focused on the products/technologies/ideas that started these threads.